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Wormbot software

All WormBot software is freely accessable on our GitHub site

The WormBot software requires a 64-bit linux workstation with multiple cores and several terrabytes of storage to operate. Our tutorials and documentation reflect an Ubuntu distribution, however if you are more adept with other linux distributions, go for it. For installation and software troubleshooting issues consult the Documentation section and the WormBot Forum.

Software revisions

Original Release spring 2018

Other Packages

Some other useful software packages for processing WormBot data

Developed by

Jason Pitt

Jason is a senior fellow in the Kaeberlein lab at the University of Washington. He is a recovering video game programmer and lead hardware and software designer of the WormBot.

Nolan Strait

Nolan is an undergraduate in the UW Computer Science department and has helped write the software and firmware for the WormBot.

Benjamin Blue

Ben is a PhD student in the M3D program at the Univeristy of Washington. Ben is developing the automated worm survival scoring routines for the WormBot.

Matt Kaeberlein

Matt is in charge of everything...including paying us