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WormBot is an open hardware and open software robotic microscopy screening platform designed for C. elegans behavior and survival analysis.


The WormBot system is designed to be extremely inexpensive allowing high-throughput survival assays even in small laboratory settings .


The WormBot uses standard 12-well plates and growth media and relies on a web based interface running on a single linux workstation.

wELCOME to WormBot.org

This site contains links and information for building the WormBot, an open hardware project designed for automatted survival analysis in the nematode C. elegans. The WormBot is an extremely simple and inexpensive robotics platform that captures timelapse images and realtime movies of nematodes in standard tissue culture plates.

The wormbot was originally conceived in the Kaeberlein lab as an alternative to the Lifespan Machine that would allow for high throughput screening of survival experiments to be performed in alternative gas environments. However the flexible nature of the system was attractive to other users and we were encouraged to release it to the wider worm community. The WormBots at UW support the Kaeberlein, Mendenhall and Rea labs as well as the UW Nathan Shock Center Aging Core.